Tools4Mfg provides an Internet-based network for buyers to connect to groups of suppliers with one simple mouse click. The supplier “self-contained network” provides instant and individualized pricing, available inventory, open rolling dates, freight and other costs in response to each buyer’s Request For Quote. Orders can be converted from your own quotation history and confirmed in seconds.

Using proven Tools4Mfg technology also provides the most cost-effective solution allowing sellers to offer real-time material pricing and ordering capabilities to their customers with an “On-Line Customer Link”. This same technology can also provide a standalone “Pricing/Sales System” delivering capabilities to your sales team to instantly quote and enter orders to meet customer needs for stock metal products and even complex processed materials.

Unique Features:
  • Cost-effective web technology maximizing benefits to buyers and sellers across the metals supply chain
  • Capabilities to respond to inquires and order placement within seconds
  • Customer access 24/7requiring only an Internet connection
  • Accelerated decision-making from instant information providing a competitive advantage
  • Features sales/customer “human touch connection” to increase opportunities and strengthen relationships
  • Store and Retrieve quote and order “history” for analysis and tracking
  • Leading ERP and shop management systems can also offer metal buyers an option to locate and price raw materials while integrating results directly into job cost and estimating systems using the Tools4Mfg instant link.

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